Why You Should Take Advantage of E Invoicing

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Electronic invoicing is one of those things that can make things for your business a lot easier and much more efficient. Nevertheless, a lot of people are still unaware of e invoice. This is sort of surprising especially if one considers all the benefits.

What is electronic invoicing and how can you use it for your own business?

electronic-invoicingIf you are using email (there sure is a high chance that you do!) you essentially already know how to use electronic invoicing.

Simply spoken, electronic invoicing means that your invoices are converted into a  specific,  electronic format (hence the name) and that you’re able to send and receive those electronic invoices in the same way as you do with email.

What you do is that you email your PDF invoice as an email attachment to a service provider such as Cloud Trade. The provider will convert the invoice for you and send it to your supplier.

The same way as is the case with email, you can instantly send and receive invoices. Imagine that you would have to write a postcard or a letter each and every time for your everyday business publications. Ironically, this comparison is not that far off seeing that many businesses today are still sending their invoices using postal mail.

With electronic invoicing the entire process will obviously go a lot faster.

However, the speed and convenience of sending and receiving invoices instantly are not only advantages of using e-invoice. Firstly, consider the time and cost savings for companies who may process substantial numbers of invoices on a daily basis. Secondly, using e invoice means there is no requirement to manually transfer data from paper invoices into an accounting system. Not only does this mean that even more time can be saved, it is also eliminating the chance for errors and mistakes that can otherwise happen during this process.

The switch to e invoice is affordable and doesn’t require any staff training or particular equipment. This makes electronic invoicing attractive for all types of businesses.

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